Casey Durgin ff Sweet Light Portraits with her beautiful family. Casey loves to photograph families in natural settings likes the beach or park. The lighting is always so dynamic and offers fantastic results for family photos.
This is one of my favorite photographs of my family and I walking on the beach. It is natural, fun & timeless and will forever remind me of this special day in my family's life. Photography can be very powerful for this reason.
My all time favorite family photos with my husband and daughters. Sweet Light Portraits will create fun a beautiful images you will forever cherish. Family photography sessions should always be fun, natural and relaxed.

It’s about seeing your family in a new light

Every family deserves that moment of seeing themselves in a new light. I love catching laughter, kisses, little toes,  and all the  moments and breathtaking beauty of a real family connection. I'm a mother of two beautiful & crazy little girls and married to my amazing husband of 12 years. My family inspires me every day. So here it goes (I am taking a leap of faith here) one knows me better than my family so I thought I would ask my girls to help say a few things “about me".

This is one of my favorite photos from a family session in York Maine with my two daughters. I adore photos of Mom with her babies and this one is very special to me.

According to Keira (9) and Kyleigh(6)...

  • I'm really good at taking pictures. (Whew...)
  • I love shopping and have lots of purses and shoes. (Sure do!)
  • I love Disney World and going out to eat. (Yes and yes!)
  • Rainbows and butterflies are my favorite things. (Who doesn’t love these?)
  • I'm not so great at singing and I'm a funny dancer. (I'm not that bad!)
  • I'm lots of fun and I love babies. (Of course!)
  • I really like oatmeal. (Really Kyleigh??!!)
  • I like to paint my nails and go out on dates with dad. (Absolutely!)
  • I love Dad, Keira and Kyleigh very much (With all my heart!)



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